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Linda M Robertson
6 months ago

Hello, I think that I RSVP’d a Yes for tonight, but I am not going to be able to attend. Hope to see you next time! Thanks, Linda

Penelope Krump
6 months ago

Hey Jeff–do you all meet inside Cafe Aviz?

Penelope Krump
6 months ago

Thank you, Jeff! We have a very needy fur baby who is struggling with separation anxiety—he has regressed a lot because of our recent move (9 weeks ago). So I was just checking because he kinda goes with us everywhere–but, we do have creche canina and are looking for a pet sitter as well so we have more options. He goes in a stroller that is enclosed so many places allow him in including some restaurants but we had not been able to get by there to check first. My hubby goes to Bro’s and Beans and meet up with the expat women for coffee. It sounds like this meet up is monthly? Is is always on the third Thursday? And, do you meet at various locations? (just so I can plan ahead for next time).

We hope to make the next one!

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