Fausto Neves

Fausto Neves
Casa da Arquitectura
Av. Menéres 461, Matosinhos, 4450-165
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Fausto Neves and Matosinhos String Quartet

Tribute on the centenary of the birth of Manuel Dias da Fonseca

Concert included in the tribute to the centenary of the birth of Manuel Dias da Fonseca

Pianist Vasco Dantas and the Matosinhos String Quartet performed late yesterday afternoon at the CARA space at Real Vinícola, in Matosinhos, for a concert included in the String and Piano Cycle developed by the Municipal Council of Matosinhos as part of the program of Classical Music for 2023.

In the second of five concerts included in the tribute program for the centenary of Manuel Dias da Fonseca’s birth, works by Antonín Dvorak (1841-1904) were presented, String Quartet nº12, in F major, op.96, and Quintet with piano nº2 , in A major, op.81 (1887) – ca 40′.

After António Rosado and Vasco Dantas, the String Quartet has already scheduled the remaining recitals of this String and Piano Cycle, with other well-known names from the classical music scene. Miguel Borges Coelho, Constantin Sandu, and Fausto Neves follow.

Entry is free, limited to space capacity.


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