Italrem Remodeling & Construction

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Italrem Remodeling & Construction

Founded on May 11, 2007 by Alexandre de Freitas Branco Rocchi, graduated in civil engineering from FEUP in 1984, who began his career in budgets and later in inspection.

Since 1992 to date, he has managed more than 300 remodeling projects.

A remodeling firm essentially for houses, apartments and condominiums. We have also carried out some stores and pharmacies.

In addition to our staff, we count on the collaboration of dozens of sub-contractors for the various areas of civil construction, most of whom we have known for more than a decade. Relationship bonds were thus created that go beyond the professional, which creates a working basis of great unity among staff. This fact means that on this date, 80% of the works carried out since the company's birth have been completed before the established deadline.

The average age of our employees is 39 years old, meaning each person has almost 20 years of professional experience. This in itself is a guarantee of a good quality of finishes.

Our area of intervention is the Greater Porto region, but we also carry out works in other parts of the country.

  • Housing renovation
  • Apartment renovation
  • Construction and expansion of houses (including reinforced concrete structures and metallic structures)
  • Construction of stores
  • Benefits in condominiums

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Alexandre Rocchi


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1 review
  • Lara

    We absolutely love Alexander and Pedro! They started by remodeling our Casinha from a mess to a 2nd kitchen with American BBQ and Jacuzzi room! We were so pleased that we had all of our windows and external doors replaced by his sub-contractor. Bathroom cabinets also replaced by his carpenter. An old well in the back yard was converted to a fire pit with benches for seating. Finally a complete Kitchen remodel, which we are incredibly happy with!! Alexander is very detail oriented (anal retentive), which for us was a very positive thing. More items were removed from our invoice because those things ended up not being needed or changed, than added. If something was added then it was usually because I wanted to change something.