Spotlight on Fino Golf Club

This month’s interview is with Tam Tu from Fino Golf Club in Matosinhos. Tam has been part of the Community for a while now, he is an Administrator in the Golf Social group and has hosted a number of events for us at the bar. If you haven’t been to Fino yet, read our article and then head on down to check it out.

What is Fino Golf Club? – it is an indoor golf bar, complete with simulators where you can practice on the range or play a full 18 holes. It’s a great spot to hang out with friends or make new ones, all while enjoying a selection of beers, wines, and whiskeys.

New to golf? Não faz mal! Golf is for everyone. Fino host a golf social for beginners where they show you some basics and then you can play 9 holes in a social environment. Then for seasoned golfers you can join their tournament nights to test your skills against other players.

Interview with Tam

What do you enjoy about having your own business?
It’s really rewarding to contribute to the community in a way that brings people together and make the sport more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What are the challenges?
Two things come to mind. Language and seasonality.

Not speaking Portuguese, even though most of our customers speak English, has been a bit of a hurdle, however we’re taking classes to get better at it.

Seasonality – working on strategies to overcome the seasonality in Porto is fun because it lets you try out different ideas, see what works (and what doesn’t), and keep tweaking your approach. Summers will be slower for our regular golfing customers, however this gives us an opportunity to show the Euro Cup games on our projector screens.

Challenges will always be there, but the support from everyone makes it manageable and fun!

What made you choose to start a business?
When an opportunity presented itself for us to be part of the community and build new relationships all while working on my golf game I said – sign me up!

Did you have a business in your home country or is this a new adventure?
This is my first swing at it!


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