Spotlight on SouthernGal in Portugal

This month’s spotlight interview is with Bridget Jones from SouthernGal in Portugal. Bridget has been a member of our Community for a while now and is one of the Administrators for our Food Friends group so when she gives you some advice in the group you know she knows what she is talking about.

SouthernGal in Portugal is a personal chef/catering business that specialises in rustic cuisine with southern charm.  Born and raised in the South, Bridget was taught by one of the best ever southern cooks, her beloved grandmother, Mary Birdsong and she is honoured to be able to share the very best of what she grew up eating with the world.

SouthernGal in Portugal offers high quality southern food, with the best whole ingredients and spices Bridget can find and that stay true to what you expect when you crave authentic southern cuisine. She offers personal chef/catering services (in-home and travel), curated dining events, foodie consultations, cooking classes, meal planning, food content creation and more!

Interview with Bridget

What do you enjoy about having your own business?

Feeding people is what I enjoy most about my business, that, and the connections I get to make with people through food.  It excites me that I get to make a living doing what I’m passionate about…cooking and eating.  

I’m also happy when customers tell me how much they enjoy the food, and how it makes them “feel good” after they’ve eaten it, attesting to the quality I put into my dishes. 

What are the challenges?  

It is challenging at times to be a “one woman show”. I’m the chef, the sous chef, the dishwasher, content creator, and promoter.  I am looking forward to the day of having a staff. 

How did you get where you are today?

I credit God for giving me the gift of cooking and my grandmother who allowed me to shadow her in the kitchen as a child, and modeled how food is love, and feeds the soul.  I am also proud that I recognised when to take a bold leap and start my business.  I took a chance on me, because I believe I am called to do what I do, and serve the world in this capacity. 

What made you choose to start a business?

I’ve always been passionate about cooking, and did it well.  Once I moved to Portugal, I vowed to only do what I was passionate about and work for myself. 

Did you have a business in your home country or is this a new adventure?

I owned a personal chef business over 10 years ago.  This venture in Portugal is a rebirth of that passion.  


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15 days ago

As always, this is a great article, thank you Jennie. Bridget is my neighbor, and it always smells amazing when I pass her door!

Bridget Jones
Reply to  Mamie
13 days ago

You’re so kind! Thank you. It is a pleasure living in same building as you.

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