Spotlight on Body Orchestra

This month’s Spotlight is on Body Orchestra, a business run by Community member Louise Pitot. Body Orchestra is a holistic practice with two aspects. First is her Porto Holistic Facial Studio. Louise describes this as her happy place. Here she performs bespoke treatments specialising in peri-menopausal and post-menopausal skin using a variety of massage techniques to lift and rejuvenate the skin. She uses organic, cruelty free products, and may use tools like gua sha or face cups, depending on what you and your skin need on the day.

The other side of her business is both online and in-person workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions incorporating face yoga and massage classes, eating for skin and hormone health, and tools for nourishing the nervous system.

When asked to sum up what she does, Louise said she “helps women age slowly in a fast-paced world. I share menopausal wisdom so women can enjoy ageless skin, balanced hormones, and a
nourished nervous system. Being able to help a woman feel restored to herself is a gift that I am grateful for.”

Interview with Louise

What do you enjoy about having your own business?
Just about everything! The freedom to have been able to move to Portugal is one! Another is that my business has grown and changed as my journey and life has over the last 14 years.

I have been running my own businesses since October 2000, and I can’t imagine things being different.

What are the challenges?
In a way I had to start over when we moved to Portugal in 2022, as much of my business was in-person in South Africa. When we moved here, I thought I would build primarily online, but a year later, in September 2023 I opened Body Orchestra Studio in Porto, because I absolutely love treating women and their skin.

Marketing and “selling myself” is challenging. I have always built my businesses though relationships. I’ve struggled with social media since moving in 2022 and I’m not a salesy person who is willing to build with a FOMO sales funnel, or a buy now or miss out mindset. It doesn’t fit with my ‘(Be)come as you are’ slogan.

What made you choose to start a business?

Body Orchestra by Louise Pitot started in 2010 when I decided to share my story and healing journey with other women who may be suffering, or feeling like failures because they feel their body had failed them. I healed myself of PCOS and infertility, and then realised there must be other women who need to hear my story so that they can know it’s possible to heal, and to learn how incredible the body is, and find the courage to change and heal too. I was an aesthetician, and felt I wanted to learn more so that I could be a conduit for change. I became an Eating Psychology Practitioner and Functional Medicine Health Coach. I did a yoga teacher training, and face yoga and gua sha amongst other modalities.

I went into menopause quite early, in 2020, at 47 years old, and my focus shifted from overall hormone health to menopausal wellbeing. I am busy completing a Menopause Specialist Coach certification.

Did you have a business in your home country or is this a new adventure?

I had a holistic facial studio in Johannesburg and so far, have travelled back annually to treat my clients.

The other main aspect of my business in South Africa was taking women through hormone healing programs and courses.

It feels a bit like a new adventure though, because being in Portugal is different, and I have needed to adapt my business and learn to grow from the ground up again.


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